Kilifarevo monastery

Kilifarevo monastery is located on the river banks of Belitsa river, some 4 km south of Kilifarevo town, some 14 km from Veliko Tarnovo.

 In 1718 Kilifarevo monastery was erected on its present day location on the banks of Belitsa river, below the old monastery. At that time the church Rozhdestvo Bogorodichno was decorated, with two chapels dedicated to Ivan Rilski and Theodosius Tarnovski. At the end of 18th c part of the monastery was dilapidated during the Kardzhali raids, however, it was reconstructed soon after. In 1840 the master from the Enlightenment Kolyu Ficheto started to build the present day church St Dimitar. He kept a part of the old altar wall and the two chapels of St. Theodosius and St. Ivan Rilski. The temple was completed in 1842.

In 1950 Kilifarevo monastery was transformed into a female monastery.