Valchan Voyvoda monument in Rayuvtsi village

The monument is situated on Valchova polyana, a large meadow near Yovkovtsi dam. On the highest point you can see the magnificent enormous sculpture of the courageous hero. No matter what direction you look, you see forests, mountains, blue skies. … More information

Паметник на Вълчан войвода – с.Раювци

Разположен е на Вълчова поляна над язовир “Йовковци”, на която на равното и най-високо място се извисява в цял ръст от бял камък неустрашимият хайдутин. Докъдето взорът стига все гори и планини, синьо небе и водна шир. На стотина метри … More information

Hristovtsi waterfall

Hristovtsi waterfall is located on river Miykovska, at about 400m altitude and was declared a protected natural site in 1974. You arrive to a majestic view – the water running over a 9 metre cliff and forming sparkling fireworks of … More information

Arbanasi village

Arbanasi village. It is known for the rich history and large number of historical monuments, such as 17th- and 18th-century churches and examples of Bulgarian National Revival architecture, which have turned it into a popular tourist destination.

The old capital city Veliko Tarnovo

The old capital city Veliko Tarnovo is a popular with tourists destination. It is located 33 km from Guest houses Badevtsi Paradise

Yovkovtsi reservoir

Yovkovtsi reservoir is one of the largest dams on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. It has been built on Veselina river, close to Elena town and provides drinking water to approximately 250 000 people in Veliko Tarnovo Province … More information

Elena town

Elena town (Bulgarian: Елена) is a Bulgarian town in the central Stara Planina mountain in Veliko Tarnovo Province, located 42 km southeast of Veliko Tarnovo. The area is also a mountain resort, known for the typical local cuisine. The town … More information