Valchan Voyvoda monument- Rayuvtsi village

The monument is located in a very beautiful place- the picturesque area called Valcha polyana near above Yovkoltsi water reservoir. Supposedly, Valchan voyvoda and his soldiers often stayed at that place while going through the Balkan mountain area.


The monument of the voyvoda is made of white stone; the courageous voyvoda has a full size statue;he is dressed in traditional rebel attire and his body is erected over three chests of golden treasure. From the place where he stands, as far as your eyes can see, there are green trees, mountains, blue skies and the water vastness of the reservoir. 

The place will fascinate you from the very first moment. There is a breathtaking view over the mountains, Yovkovtsi reservoir and Rayuvtsi village. You can sit on the benches nearby and enjoy the beauty of the nature and rest in the peace and quiet that control the place.

In the memorial complex, you can also visit Rayuvtsi cromlech, the so called Bulgarian Stonehenge . The cromlechs are stone blocks ordered in circle; they were used for rituals by the ancient thracians( according to research they date back to 6-8 century BC)

янка-войводавълчан войвода